Saskatchewan Education Governance Review

Perrins Governance Review Report

Dear Parents:

As you may have heard on the news, the Minister of Education, Don Morgan asked for help from an outside agency to look into how Saskatchewan’s K-12 education sector can achieve the outcomes established by Saskatchewan’s Plan for Growth and the Education Sector Strategic Plan.  Dan Perrins carried out a study that gave three options: consolidate 18 existing school boards into a single provincial public school board, establish four regional public boards or create new boundaries for between 8-14 public school division.  Even though these options do not directly affect Catholic School Division due to protection for minority faith education in the constitution, Catholic School Divisions will be also be potentially impacted by loss of local representation and possible amalgamation.

Here are some of possibly challenges to your school and Holy Trinity Catholic School Division:

-during the transition to larger school divisions, the focus might be on restructuring instead of focussing on students, the last restructuring happened 10 years ago and it took five years for operations to run smoothly

-loss of a local voice and understanding of local issues due to larger divisions and possibly government appointed board members

-lack of understanding of rural versus urban issues

-more involvement of government into budget and spending decisions (staffing and infrastructure) which may not be in alignment with individual school needs.

These are just a few of the issues.  A copy of the Perrins report is attached to this email for your information.

You as a parent have a chance to voice your opinions in an online submissions form at or by email at:

Holy Trinity Board of Education has shared this information with all schools early in January and would like to let parents know that they can make a difference.  We ask you to consider having your voice heard at this time of potential change as to how you want to be represented and the structure of your child/ren’s school division.  Both of these changes will undoubtedly have an impact your child/dren’s school.  Please make your voice heard BEFORE January 23.

Thank you,

Joann Blazieko, Board Chair

Holy Trinity Catholic School

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