Parent and Student Conferences Info and Contact information

Parent Student Conference Sign up Sheet


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Kids Help Line

Kids Help Line – Text

This service is FREE of charge, meaning it won’t eat up minutes from your data plan.

Available 24 hours a day.

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Phoenix Academy Staff and Students had Halloween Fever…

A delightful afternoon full of fun, sun, games and of course a little candy at Phoenix today. The staff and students had their annual Halloween party and it went off without a hitch.

Bounce the jellybean onto the Oreo had the staff and students roaring for much of the competition. Joe Buchko aka Nichole Cornea led the troops in her Rider gear.

There is only one staff member tall enough to get this full aerial photo and that is the true Rider fanatic Jeff Lynnes as he climbs the mountain (my desk) to get this wonderful photo.

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Summer Student, Moose Jaw Literacy Network

Shaelyn Knudson

Summer Student, Moose Jaw Literacy Network


Information Literacy- What is it?

Information literacy is the ability to access, evaluate, and communicate information through various forms of media. This is a skill that children can acquire at a very young age. With the transition from books and libraries to Google and Wikipedia, students have a growing need to be able to research information while finding credible resources. This is a great skill to have while doing research projects or to even find information about everyday questions that they may encounter. For younger students, this may be simple skills that include asking valuable questions and giving them the resources to find their answers. For older students, it is important to educate them on searching strategies both online and offline. This way, they are able to find their own information that will benefit them in secondary education as well as their future careers.

Teaching information literacy does not require a month-long research project. You can teach your child these skills in 30 minutes or less by:

  1. Finding a question that interests them.
  2. Locating a credible website, book, or another source.
  3. Read and understand the information that the source has given.
  4. Document the information through writing it down, creating a Word Document, PowerPoint, Prezi, or other documenting program.

Overall, it is very easy to find false information on the internet in today’s technology, so this is a great skill to teach students at a young age in order to gain the ability to find information on a day-to-day basis that is trustworthy and reliable.



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Thoughtexchange learning tool information and link.

Parents, guardians, students and staff,

You are the major stakeholders in our system and we want to learn about your experiences in both our schools and our Division.

Thoughtexchange is an online learning tool that allows us to reach out to everyone affected by the decisions made in our Division. This exchange enables us to hear your thoughts and learn about your priorities to guide us in creating a renewed strategic plan for 2019 and beyond.

You will be invited to anonymously and safely participate in an exchange that flows three steps:

  1. Share – answer open-ended questions about education in our schools
  2. Star – review ideas from others and rate the ideas you like best
  3. Discover – learn what is important to the community as a whole

In a couple of weeks, you will receive an email with an invitation to participate. The information will also be posted on school and division websites. The exchange will be open from November 20th – 30th.

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Sean Chase

Director of Education


Thoughtexchange newsletter insert

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Parent Night at Vanier Collegiate ( poster attached )

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Phoenix Academy Robot Club P.A.R.K

The robot club had its Robot out and for a cruise thanks to the help of some Vanier students and staff. Here is a short video of its first rip around the neighborhood.



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Wanuskewin – A day at the Museum 2018

Phoenix Academy students spent the day at Wanuskewin Heritage Park. 

A Step Back in Time Walk

Step back in time with one of our interpretive guides on the Path of the People. This walk incorporates the archaeological story of Wanuskewin and will give you a glimpse of what life was like on the prairie long ago.

Tidbits about what the students were introduced to on this wonderful trip. 


Wanuskewin: “Gathering Place”

Six thousand years ago, Wanuskewin echoed with the thundering hooves of bison and the voices of Indigenous peoples from across the Northern Plains; the land still echoes with these stories that Wanuskewin is proud to share with the people. The nomadic tribes who roamed the Northern Plains gathered on this site of natural beauty where today visitors can relive the stories of a people who came here to hunt bison, gather food and herbs and escape the winter winds. Walking in their footsteps, you will understand why this site was a place of worship and celebration, of renewal with the natural world and of a deep spirituality.

The story of Wanuskewin is just beginning to be uncovered. Some archaeological dig sites date back thousands of years making them older than the Egyptian pyramids; these sites provide clues to the daily existence of the early peoples. Tipi rings, stones cairns, pottery fragments, plant seeds, projectile points, egg shell fragments and animal bones all give evidence of active thriving societies. While some sites teach us about life thousands of years ago other sites like the ancient Medicine Wheel still remain shrouded in mystery.

The Land


Wanuskewin is an archaeological goldmine, rich in sites that tell the story of early life in the Opimihaw Creek Valley, with finds in the area taking us as far back as 6,000 years.

Wanuskewin is Canada’s longest-running archaeological dig. Famed archaeologist Dr. Ernie Walker and his fellow researchers have been unearthing treasures since the 1970s and continue to do so today. In May and June you can find some of Dr. Ernie Walker’s archaeology students from the University of Saskatchewan working at one of the many dig sites at Wanuskewin.

12,000 BP* Glacier recedes
6,000 BP First known human occupation occurs at Wanuskewin
2,000 BP Appearance of bow and arrow and pottery technology signalling dramatic technological changes for area inhabitants
2,000 – 500 BP Operation of bison jumps and traps at Wanuskewin
1,500 BP Construction of the Medicine Wheel at Wanuskewin
1876 Treaty Six signed signalling the end of occupation at Wanuskewin by Plains First Nations groups
1902 Homesteading begins at Wanuskewin
1932 Saskatoon Archaeological Society recognizes importance of area after visiting Medicine Wheel
1975 Medicine Wheel examined for any astrological alignment
1982 Archaeologist Dr. Ernie Walker and other researchers conduct a detailed archaeological survey, identifying 19 Pre-Contact sites
1984 Province of Saskatchewan designates Wanuskewin a Provincial Heritage Property
1987 Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II visits the park and designates it a National Historic Site on behalf of the Government of Canada
1992 Wanuskewin Heritage Park Interpretive Centre opens
*BP: Before Present

“For thousands of years, this valley was a magnet that pulled people from thousands of miles away to one concentrated area. Today, it’s an unparalleled archaeological resource and we’ve only scratched its surface.”

– Dr. Ernest G. Walker
Archaeologist I Faculty member at the University of Saskatchewan I Original and Founding Board Member of Wanuskewin Heritage Park




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Cannabis in Saskatchewan – Know the Law

Cannabis Use in Saskatchewan

Cannabis possession, sale and use is still illegal. The official legalization date will be October 17, 2018 (Government of Canada announcement on June 20, 2018)

The decision to legalize cannabis was made by the federal government, but provinces and territories have the responsibility of regulating certain areas.

To read more about the Government of Canada’s plans for legalization, you can visit Health Canada’s The Cannabis Act: The Facts website.


1. Saskatchewan’s Responsibilities and Framework

Saskatchewan’s Cannabis Framework reflects how the Government of Saskatchewan plans to regulate cannabis, incorporating feedback from experts, stakeholders, and Saskatchewan residents.You can download the results from the public survey and download Saskatchewan’s Cannabis Framework for more information.


2. Age Limit and Possession Limits

Age Limit
Saskatchewan’s legal age of consumption and purchasing for non-medicinal cannabis will be 19 years of age (the same as alcohol).Possession Limit
In Saskatchewan, the maximum public possession amount will be 30 grams per legal-aged consumer.

Minors will be prohibited from possessing cannabis. Possession of less than five grams is a provincial offence and can result in a fine. Possessing more than five grams can result in a criminal prosecution that is subject to The Youth Criminal Justice Act


3. Impaired Driving

Cannabis can slow down your reaction time and increase your chance of a crash.  If you use cannabis, it’s important that you do not drive.  If you drive while impaired, you will be charged.

A driver who has used cannabis won’t react or make decisions as quickly as a sober driver. Attention, judgment, motor skills, balance, and co-ordination are all impacted. Mixing drugs or mixing drugs with alcohol can significantly increase impairment levels.Saskatchewan has taken a zero tolerance approach for drugs and driving. For more information, you can visit the Cannabis and Driving section of

In addition, consumption in a vehicle by a driver or passenger is prohibited.


4. Public Consumption, Land Use, and/or Zoning

Consuming cannabis in public places will be prohibited for public health considerations.

Municipalities already have broad authority through bylaw, land use and zoning, and business licensing to deal with a variety of business-related issues, including where businesses can be located. They can decide how best to use this authority regarding cannabis wholesalers/distributors and retailers.


5. Home Cultivation

The province will adopt the federal minimum standards around home production, including a limit of four cannabis plants grown per household.

The Government of Saskatchewan has passed The Residential Tenancies Amendment Act, 2018, giving landlords the right to impose reasonable rules prohibiting the possession, use, growth, and sale of cannabis in a rental unit.Condominium boards also have the ability to pass by-laws respecting the smoking or cultivation of cannabis in their complexes.


6. Retail Sales

The Government of Saskatchewan was guided by four key principles in developing the wholesale, distribution, and retail sales model for non-medicinal cannabis in the province:

  • Protecting public health and safety, including keeping cannabis away from children and youth;
  • Eliminating the illegal market;
  • Minimizing taxpayer exposure to risk; and
  • Incorporating regulatory best practices and building on experiences from other jurisdictions.

Using feedback from public consultations, the Government concluded the four principles are best served by a competitive private model for the wholesale/distribution and retail sale of non-medicinal cannabis in Saskatchewan. This model minimizes the upfront cost to taxpayers. It has been successful in other jurisdictions in combating the illegal market. It protects public health and safety by ensuring a safe regulated supply of cannabis. The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) will act as the regulator. For more information, you can visit the SLGA website.

SLGA has established rules for retail stores to protect public health and safety, discourage excessive consumption, and keep non-medicinal cannabis out of the hands of children and youth. These rules include:

  • Restricting minors from entering retail stores;
  • Restricting the number of retail locations in the province; and
  • Requiring that all staff are of legal age and properly trained to provide information and education to customers.

SLGA may enforce these rules through stiff administrative penalties, and may suspend or revoke permits

Additionally, permittees may be charged with an offence under The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act and face and further penalties.


7. Provincial Offences and Fines

Below are the set* fines for cannabis related offences as per the The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act.
*Significant offences can result in higher penalties and/or imprisonment.

Minor purchasing cannabis, directly or indirectly $300
Minor possessing cannabis $300
Minor consuming cannabis $300
Minor selling cannabis to any other person or organization $300
Minor distributing cannabis to any other person or organization $300
Minor being or remaining in a permitted premises in contravention of The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act $300
Minor presenting false identification while attempting to purchase cannabis $300
Minor presenting false identification while attempting to gain access to or remain in permitted premises $300
Selling, giving or distributing cannabis to a minor $750
Failure of permittee (retailer) or employee of permittee to demand proof of age $2,250
Failure of person to leave premises after failing or refusing to provide proof of age $200
Knowingly providing a minor with false identification $750
Purchase of cannabis from a person who is not authorized to sell cannabis
All authorized cannabis sellers will be required to display their license.
Request or solicit a person to sell cannabis in contravention of the Act or regulations $300
Possessing more than 30 grams of dried cannabis in a public place $200
Possessing cannabis the individual knows to be illicit $200
Possessing one or more budding or flowering cannabis plants in a public place $200
Possessing more than four cannabis plants that are not budding or flowering $200
Possession of cannabis by an organization $2,250
Possessing, consuming or distributing cannabis in a vehicle $300
Distributing more than 30 grams of cannabis in a public place $200
Distributing cannabis to an organization $200
Distributing cannabis the individual knows to be illicit $200
Distributing more than 4 cannabis plants that are not budding or flowering $2,250
Purchasing cannabis from a jurisdiction outside of Saskatchewan in contravention of the Act or regulations $300
Opening or breaking open or allowing opening or breaking of container or package of cannabis being transported or distributed $2,250
Consuming or permitting consumption of cannabis being transported or distributed $2,250
Consumption of cannabis in a public place, or any place other than a private place $200
Consumption of lighted or other cannabis in contravention of the regulations $200
Consumption of cannabis at school, on school grounds or at a child care facility $1,000
Possessing or consuming cannabis in a campground when a cannabis prohibition is in effect $200
Permittee selling or distributing cannabis to a person who appears to be intoxicated $2,250
Making an improper application for a permit $300
Permittee selling or distributing cannabis to a minor $2,250
Remaining in a premises after being requested to leave $300
Re-entering a premises after being requested to leave $300


8. Travelling with Cannabis

In Canada:Cannabis laws will be different in each province and territory in Canada. This includes legal age, where cannabis can be sold and consumed, and possession limits.

When travelling in Canada, it is your responsibility to understand and follow local laws. Check out provincial and territorial websites for more details:

Alberta British Columbia
Manitoba New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia Nunavut
Ontario Prince Edward Island
Quebec Yukon

Outside of Canada:

Although cannabis will soon be legal in Canada, cannabis is illegal in most countries and it will remain illegal to transport cannabis across Canada’s borders. The Government of Canada has important information you’ll need to know before travelling.


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The Graduating Class of 2018

2018 Graduating Class

Monique Caplette, Shelby Erickson, Emma Ferner, Kennedy Fisher, Zach Gibson,

Tara Gold, Jessica Harding, Kennedy Hoffart, Addison Howe, Harley Johnson,

Chloe Kergan, Taysia Lapierre, Sam Leader, Sadie Lee, Emily Leibel, Jordan McBride,

Jade McEwen, Tasia Sanford, Stevey Strasler, Nadia Swineamer, Nicole Waldner,

Joey Yuke

On behalf of the Phoenix Academy staff we would like to say congratulations to all our grads. We wish you nothing but the absolute best in all of your future endeavors.

God Bless



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