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Vice-Principal's Greeting

At Phoenix Academy, we believe that all students can learn at their best possible pace.    The staff and I truly love what the students bring in their hearts and believe that each student can succeed to be the best possible creation from God. Students may come to the school with barriers in their lives but they come with many, many more gifts.


Students and staff enjoy the feeling of community at the school during classes, shared meals or at numerous celebrations.  We have a lot to celebrate at Phoenix Academy, from students achieving their first credit to their last credit for graduation and everything in between.


At Phoenix Academy we have a focus on our spiritual lives that helps us grow in our faith.  Our classes and school have Christian and First Nation spirituality interwoven into them.  We are also blessed to have a Catholic community that supports us with their presence in the school and in the church.


Our staff are always striving to help the students in their lives and in their classes.  The teachers make the classes interesting and relevant and look to improve them to meet the needs of the students.


We chose the phoenix as a symbol of our school because of its similarity to the rebirth in Christ that we experience.  The phoenix is a symbol of starting fresh, reborn out of the troubles of life that make us stronger in the end.  Each student at Phoenix is resilient and strong, all we have to do, as staff, is to dust off their wings and watch them soar.


We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your gifts.


Jeff Lynnes